Thursday, January 27, 2005

Decorating Tips

Any time one undertakes an interior design project, numerous details, from the mundane to the major, need to be considered. There are obvious considerations such as color scheme, fabric and furniture selection, and there are subtle, yet complicated details, such as electrical re-wiring to improve lighting. A professional designer knows what needs to be done, and when, during a project. Fabrics can be delivered in as little as two weeks if in stock, or from four to six weeks if special ordered; meanwhile, some furniture pieces could take as long as 16 weeks. If you're contemplating a complicated makeover and need a carpenter, electrician and painter, it could take months to get on these contractors' "dance cards" thanks to the popularity of home improvement these days. Logistical mistakes with any of these goods or services can become costly indeed.

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Education is the key! This perfect first post is full of good information. Many individuals are not aware of design timelines.

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