Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's not paint by numbers....

...but it's close! Here is a very cool site where you can make your own "Jackson Polloks" just like I did above! (or, something like it...) Enjoy!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Time for make believe

The folks over at Blogging Project Runway have been feauturing links to the site I-Dressup which has created virtual dress up dolls based on the Project Runway final collections. It's pretty fun! This site also includes home decor "dress-ups" as well. Fun times for kids and the kid in all of us!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Project Runway: Fashion Is As Fashion Lives

I have been obsessed with Project Runway, Season 3, I'll admit it. I'm almost exhausted from reading blogs and anticipating who the winner would be. I expected that it would be Jeffrey Sebelia, and it was. I didn't personally care for his designs throughout the season, or on his website, but some of his designs on the final runway were fabulous. I love this show because, if you can get past the manufactured drama, it's about design, personal taste and a point of view, plus sewing skills. I do a lot of sewing for my businesses - mainly signature pillows and small accessories, and I have to say that I think about the sewing scenes in PR when I'm sewing away in my workroom. I have even come up with more original designs because of it. (WWLD=What Would Laura do?).

I do believe that all the fashion disciplines (clothing, interiors, jewelry, hair, etc.) walk together hand in hand. In that spirit, I got to thinking about the rooms that the women wearing these clothes would be see in and comfortable in. So, here is my Fashion Is as Fashion Lives comparison:

Laura Bennett is my new fashion icon and personal favorite. An architect by training, she's a woman who knows who she is and what she loves, and isn't afraid to show it. She's all about "Glamour" and I think she's aiming to be the Martha Stewart of the high glam world. Her fashions remind me of Barbara Barry for Baker Furniture. Elegant, classic and timeless. Pieces you would buy and keep forever.

Uli Herzner, a Miami-based designer is originally from East Germany. Growing up behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War gave this girl a desire for warmth, and nothing but! Her collection was filled with tropical themed vacation wear. This bathing suit was beautifully crafted, with the sheer "dress" part easily removeable. Fittingly, the room scene from Roche-Bobois' "Les Voyages" Collection shows their "Sheherezade" sofa. Exotic, steamy and transformable, revealing all.

Michael Knight is a young Atlanta-based designer. His collection, entitled "Urban Safari" showed great promise and range. He went a little over the top, but he sure knows how to make clothes that are flattering and sexy. Famed furniture and interiors designer Phillipe Starke shows a broad range of styles - I think there isn't anything he can't do! From his Louis Ghost Chairs (featured in a previous post) to this stylish dining setting - he creates contemporary drama with historical notes.

And, of course, the winner, Jeffrey Sebelia. Throughout the season, his style was pretty all over the map. However, his runway show showed some pretty unexpected items, such as these two pieces. In general, his aesthetic is asymmetrical, youthful, and dark, but he sometimes surprises with colorful and 'light' looks. He's innovative and hard to pin down. I thought these chairs and sofas from Dutch design firms Leolux and Artifort had the same spirit of youthful engery. These furniture lines were shown at the 2006 New York Furniture Fair. I also loved these Akari paper lamps and sculptures designed by Isamu Noguchi.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

FLOR carpeting

I love the FLOR catalogue! The colors, the options, the change-ability factor! (I am Chameleon Interiors, after all!). And better than the catalogue is their website. Which even includes a rug planning application, so you can create your rug online, then order the carpet squares. Quick, easy, perfect!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A new wave Online Art Gallery

There is a new art gallery in town - only it's not in any one town. The guys over at Sculptr.com have created a hip new online gallery showcasing world-class art and craft. The "guys", founders Sid Henderson, Tony Scelfo and Jasper Vicenti, are web savvy MIT grads with a love of fine art. This interesting combination has given birth to a crisp website that is divided into "Gallery" and "Studio" sections. The gallery is curated by the Sculptr.com staff with items drawn from the artist member "studios". I found the website easy to navigate, the photography beautiful and the artworks unique and original. A great concept for artists and art lovers alike!

Onley Make Believe Decorative Pillows

I received an email today from Gerard Onley, Onley Make Believe, a decorative pillow designer based in California. I love his wimsical business name. His pillows are decetively simple. Shown mainly in black and cream, they are graphical and contemporary, but I think are right for any interior. This "Corset" Pillow is a lot of fun. Gerard will also customize his designs to fit any interior.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sherwin-Williams' Color Trends 2007

I went to a seminar last week at the Boston Design Center that was sponsored by Sherwin-Williams Paint Company. The speaker was Mark Woodman "Color Ambassador" for Sherwin-Williams/Duron Paints & Wallcoverings and serves as a premier source for color forecasting. He has designed color palettes by working with leading conservators who researched color schemes used in residences and public buildings. Together, they developed historically accurate hues that are featured in color palettes such as George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate of Colors, Colors of Historic Charleston, and the Carolina Lowcountry Collection. He is a Chairholder with the Color Marketing Group, a premier non-profit association for color and design professionals where he actively facilitates color workshops and chair design sessions.

SW has published a palette of their new paint collections, with a general theme called "Stir Your Senses". There is a wide variety of color/theme groupings, but I would say the overall feel is generally rich and subdued. Groupings include: "Balanced Living" which includes: Exclusive Plum SW6263 (purplish gray), Raindrop SW6485 (medium blue), Butter Up 6681 (yellow), Gallant Gold SW6391 (mustardy gold), Sapphire SW6963, Inland SW6452 (medium green), & Naval SW6244 (deep blue/black).This collection has the blues and greens that have been very popular in the last couple of years for their crisp coolness, but has deepened them up and added the depth of a greyish purple to ground them.

"Sultry Origins" which includes Marooned SW6020 (eggplanty brown), Leather Bound SW6118 (med. brown), Brassy SW6410 (medium green with a lot of yellow), Pennywise SW6349 (coppery burnt orange), Aurora Brown SW2837, Gingery SW6363 & Fine Wine SW6307. This is a very deep and spicy color palette - you can just picture bowls filled with spices from Mexico or India in this palette.

SW's other palettes include "Understated Elegance" which is a mix of pearly beiges, soft blues, greens and creams, with browns and a soft black. "Virtual Mix" combines some very unusual versions of deep coral, lavendar, grey, blue and green. The final collection is "Kinetic Contrast" which is reminiscent of their "Exotic Travels" palette from last year (strong reds, blues, greens and goldenrods) but incudes black and white which adds a strong visual punch to the mix.

If you're looking for something new in the way of color mixing, one of the best ways to do it is to visit your local paint store and see what colors the big paint companies (SW, Benjamin Moore, Pratt & Lambert, etc) are putting together. They spend big bucks coming up with these collections and we can all benefit from their work. Don't be afraid of color!