Thursday, April 19, 2007

Crumpled things

Perhaps it's because my office trash bin is overflowing, but I got to thinking about "crumpled" products. Is it trash or treasure?

Vase of Phases by Dror Benshetrit

Crumpled building by Thomas Heatherwick

Crumpled paperweight and lamp from US

Revol crumpled large tumbler from Amazon UK

Crumpled bins from Design My World

I need to have a word with my janitorial staff... oh, guess that's me...


susan said...

You find very interesting things, and doubles and triples of them, no less! I was shocked to see Rosenthal's vases. Does that mean that my two expensive vases that a) my husband and b) presumably my cat partially destroyed is now in fashion with a little crazy glue?? I KNEW I saved the pieces for a reason! Nice work, fun to see!

Damselfly said...

Very cool...made me think of these...

....for some wierd reason? lol.

Linda Merrill said...

thank Damselfly! Those vases are pretty cool!

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