Sunday, April 29, 2007

Little touch of spring

I did my annual "bring in spring" day trip with my lovely niece Katie yesterday. I picked her up at college in Boston and we headed up to our favorite ice cream shack Hodgies in Amesbury. It's one of those perfect side of the road joints whose opening harkens to the beginning of spring. Delicious handmade ice cream in large quantities is their specialty. [Note, a quarter-kiddie size is still more ice cream than most can eat in one sitting.]

We then meandered our way up to the outlets in Kittery and found our way to the Crate and Barrel outlet. My big purchase (ok, Katie bought them for me - thanks!) was a series clear glass bud vases for my kitchen window. Until there is actual blooming going on outside, these little beauties will have to do the trick. We finished the day in Newburyport, one of my favorite places in Massachusetts.

Visited Tendercrop Farm, where I purchased these beautiful roses and peach branches and then feasted on seafood at The Grog, a local watering hole known for its fabulous food and warm atmosphere.

What do you do to bring on Spring?


** Terramia ** said...

I love your images.. so refreshingly beautiful, a perfect reflection of this glorious time of year.
I simply love to go outside and breathe in the new life all around me: the gorgeous chlorophyll greens and sky blues, the longer days and the stunning views of sunsets and sunrises, the sounds of new birds in nests above, the awakening of flowers in a cascade of brilliant hues. I can wear flipflops on the beach, and go barefoot in the grass. I make room in my closet for summer dresses and bring out my montage of nailpolishes for pretty toes...
Oh, the earth has come alive, and poetry is all around us.
Love, laugh, and live... tis spring!

BTW-- your blog is lovely.

Ms. Place said...

I miss Boston. I lived there when I went to undergraduate school at B.U. Funnest time I ever had. Thanks for the trip to memory lane.

What did I do on a lovely spring day? Interesting that we wrote about the same subject on our respective blogs, but the results are so different!

Linda Merrill said...

thanks **terramia**!

Is there no place you haven't lived, Ms. Place? Boston is a fun place.

Ms. Place said...

Sigh. Sometimes one tires of being a rolling stone. (I won't even tell you where I've lived in the States; let's just say I went to 6 schools before I graduated from High School, and four universities.)Plus I married a man who was a wanderer.

Folks ask me if I was a military brat. Nope. My family is the diaspora personified, occupying niches in Europe, North America, South America, Indonesia, England, China, and Australia. One gets exhausted just visiting them all. Imagine the cost of sending Christmas cards. I start saving in August.

Oh, dear. I'm avoiding completing a project. Must stop prattling.

Moi ;) said...

Wait til I get my photos up. Been working on the garden for two weeks, the weather has been great!

I can even go out and clip the dog now! (Yay! lol)

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