Monday, June 04, 2007

Get That Look! The Holiday - Cameron Diaz's LA House

In my previous post on The Holiday, we saw how to get the look of Kate Winslet's picture book English country cottage. Now, we take a look at the impressive LA home of Cameron Diaz's character, Amanda, a very successful movie trailer producer. Nancy Meyers and Jon Hutman created an interior filled with fairly traditional furnishings in a simple white, gray and black color palette, creating an air of contemporary elegance. The exterior house, set in Brentwood in the movie, was actually the home of famous California architect Wallace Neff, which he designed for himself in 1928. It's located in San Marino, a suburb of Pasadena. The interiors were created on a sound stage. Interestingly, the online "chat" about this stage set calls it contemporary, but I think it's really more an updated traditional look (and not unlike their set for Diane Keaton's home in "Something's Gotta Give"). Most of the furniture is pretty classic looking, covered in simple cotton slip covers. Several of the chairs, sofas and even the bed have "wings", creating a soft, comfortable look. I do have to say, I've never seen so much seating in an actual interior. The kitchen looks like it could seat 12-14 people - between the table, the counter seating and some upholstered pieces. The living room has a day bed/chaise, sofa and several arm chairs.

So, are you looking to get this look? Here are a few items to get you started.

The Kitchen

Mt. Vernon Large Hanging Lantern

Anquilla Pendant from Pottery Barn

Hudson Parsons bar stool
at Restoration Hardware
Sheridan slipcovered Parsons Chairs at Restoration Hardware

Camden Round
dining table at Restoration Hardware

Bedford sofa
at Williams Sonoma

Solar shades
at Smith+Noble

The Foyer

Twist candlestick lamp at Shades of Light

Corkscrew leg console table at 1-World Decor
Cubic Console table at Design Within Reach (by front door in set)

The Living Room

Walker Chair at Mitchell Gold

Nexus storage cube at Design Within Reach

Glass table lamp at Shades of Light
Jonathan Adler Bel Air table lamp

Abaca Sisal plait rug at Shades of Light

Lucas coffee table from Pottery Barn

Peyton Drape at Pottery Barn

The Movie Room

Eames Walnut Stool (two used as coffee table)

The Bedroom

Royalton Upholstered Bed at Restoration Hardware

Westport Bed at Williams Sonoma

Tau night table at


Santa Barbara armless chaise at Restoration Hardware

So, what do you think - is this a fresh contemporary interior space, or an updated traditional one?



The Peak of Chic said...

I think it's an updated traditional one. And the pieces you found look exactly like the set of the movie!

mamacita said...

I remember seeing this movie and thinking "It looks like the whole Williams-Sonoma Home catalog." So, yeah, updated traditional. And it could use some personality, no? But I guess that was supposed to be part of the character. (I thought it was a terrible movie!)

The exterior of the house, especially the bougainvillea, was the best part of the whole movie.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking since I saw the movie for the make and color name of the rectangular grey tiles in the large foyer of the L.A. home one sees as one of the women is rushing to answer the door. Thanks for info.

CLA said...

What is the name and color of the gray tile in the foyer?

Linda Merrill said...

Hi CLA and Anon - I'm afraid I don't know what that tile is. I suggest you bring an image from the movie, or a copy of the CD to your local tile store and ask them to see if they can match the look for you. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I am sooooo glad I finally found this website! I've watched this movie so many times to try to remember the decor for this movie.
THANK YOU for putting this together! I think it's contemporary with a subtle warm tradition! I want my house to look like this! LOVE IT!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this site! I just love this movie and the house decor is awesome. It definitely gives me something to work design is getting stale.

Great job!

Anonymous said...

Do you know where to get the floor plans for this house?

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