Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The answer is...

Felt! Renewable, recyclable and compostable!
From Mioculture.

As seen in Boston Magazine.

Architectural Digest: Private Views

Architectural Digest has recently released "Private Views - Inside the World's Greatest Homes". Here are a few images from the book - and they are wow!

Click here for more images and descriptions of the above.

Photography by Kari Haavisto, Paul Warchol, Herman How-Man Wong, Derry Moore, Jaime Ardiles-Arce, Mary E. Nichols, Jonathan Pilkington, Russell Macmasters, Marina Faust. Lars Hansson, Massimo Listri, Scott Frances, José Luis Pérez, Andrew Twort, Erhard Pfeiffer and Courtesy Abrams, an Imprint of Harry N. Abrams, INC.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Guess the material...

Guess what material these lights are made from? Answer to come tomorrow!

Designers Guild Paint

Many of us are familiar with Designers Guild's colorful wallpapers, fabrics and accessories.

But did you know they have a line of paints to complement their other products?
Aren't these colors luscious?!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Bacheolors Getting it right in Boston

I just posted this on my long-neglected blog Master of Your Domain, but thought the images are so wonderful they deserve to be seen here too!

The Boston Globe recently ran an article profiling several local bachelor pads - from the luxuriousness of the Ritz Carlton Towers to a tiny 350 sq. ft. city condo - these spaces are not only beautiful, but are visual expressions of their owners personalities and interests. They represent what I consider the ultimate goal in decorating - a beautiful space that is also highly personal. Lucky is the lady who gets taken home to these digs for dinner!

Plum Island get-away. I used to live in Newburyport, MA (Plum Island is part of Newburyport) and the setting for this house is stunning! (Photos by Peter Vanderwalker)

An auto dealer's apartment in the Ritz Carlton Towers (photos by Eric Roth)

350 Sq. Ft. Condo (Photos by David L. Ryan)

Leather district loft (photos by Eric Roth)

Click here for more information and photos. Scroll down to the Real Estate section.

All photos courtesy of The Boston Globe.

Plastic Fantastic by Jasper van Grootel

Dutch designer Jasper van Grootel offers this really unique take on traditional furniture forms. In the Plastic Fantastic furniture collection, each piece is unique and perfectly restored before being treated with a rubber coating. Designed to resist all kinds of weather conditions, these pieces can be used as indoor or garden furniture. Now this is recycling!

Voltaire Dining Chairs

Available online at Generate. All images courtesy of Generate.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Catching the wave: Wallpaper in the kitchen

I love how the addition of whimsical wallpaper into a contemporary kitchen really warms up what could become a cold feeling space. There is defintely a new wave of wallpapers and decals that are great for use in the kitchen - without feeling old and stodgy. Since kitchens often only have one wall that has any kind of open space, it can be a great opportunity to experiment with bolder and larger patterns to create a focal wall that balances the heaviness caused by appliances and cabinetry.

Here are some fabulous spaces:

The following images are courtesy of The Kitchen Designer.

Chickfreaksali's photostream on Flickr

April P Schwab's Photostream

Anna at Absolutely Beautiful Things blogged about wallpaper in kitchens last winter.

Am thinking that my teeny kitchen might find some new life - and scale - by going bold and beautiful!

Don't forget to check out blogging friend Susan Serra's blog The Kitchen Designer for all her wonderful wisdom, images and information!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Swank Lighting: A treasure trove of Murano glass lighting

Ever go hunting for buried treasure?
Ever find anything like this?

Ed and Doug at Swank Lighting emailed me about their latest find. They recently acquired these amazing vintage murano lamps from the Edward P. Paul Company. These lamps have been completely rebuilt using new UL Certified hardware and ready for safe use in the 21st century.

Here are some favorites:

Says Ed "When we came across this cache of art treasure we felt like we were at the most wonderful easter egg hunt possible. Everytime we opened an old wooden shipping crate and began pulling brown paper bundles out we felt like we were giving birth. Well not really.... but it was so much fun."

Click here to see more - including some amazing closeup photography.

Congratulations Arclinea Boston!

I attended the The PRISM (Prestigious Results in Sales and Marketing) Awards last evening at the lovely Park Plaza Hotel in Boston. This award (given by the Builders Association of Greater Boston) pays tribute to New England's most elite housing industry professionals for excellence in building, design, sales and marketing, and a myriad of other categories.

I have photos to come of the event, but meanwhile, I wanted to congratulate my friends at Arclinea Boston for their double win!

This kitchen received the PRSIM Gold Award for Best Kitchen Remodel, over $100,000. Click here to see more pics and info on this bright, clean family space that was "Designed for Living"

This kitchen won the PRISM Gold Award for Best Kitchen Remodel, $50,000 - $100,000.
Click here to see more images of this project.

Arclinea Boston is the first flagship showroom in the United States for Arclinea—an industry leader in the manufacturing of luxury, contemporary kitchens, designed and coordinated by the acclaimed Italian architect Antonio Citterio. Arclinea kitchens are differentiated by their innovative design, creative technology and exquisite materials.

Congrats to the design team at Arclinea!