Monday, April 14, 2008

Get That Look! Semi-Custom Headboard Detail

The May 2008 House Beautiful featured this lovely bedroom with a really striking tufted and be-ribboned headboard. Upholstered headboards are hot, hot, hot right now; we're seeing them everywhere. Undoubtedly, the one featured in this photo is a custom piece. A custom built headboard with tufting and detailing such as this might range from $1,500 - $3,000.

But, how do you get that look if custom isn't in your budget? How about buying a ready made piece such as the standard tufted headboard above and add trim? From ribbon to sparkling bling to feather pom-poms - the sky is the limit! Depending on the headboard construction and the trim, you could either sew the detail in, or glue it. A great way to create a custom look for less!


Headboard: Rhonda Button Tufted Headboard at JCPenney. $279 - $429 plus tx and shipping
Trims: MJ Trim trim - estimated $100-$200

Total estimated cost: $450 - $700

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