Monday, December 29, 2008

Podcast Interview: Design Star: Jennifer Bertrand

Jennifer Bertrand, the very sweet (and very pregnant!) winner of HGTV's Design Star Season 3 phoned me today to fill us in on what has been going on with her since winning the show last August. We had a lovely chat - which you can listen to by clicking the podcast player above. Please note - in my introduction, I mistakenly said Jen was winner of Season 2 of Design Star - that was Kim Myles (David Bromstad was Season 1 winner). Also, please forgive my coughing and hoarse voice - am recovering from a cold! I also interviewed Jen last summer, which you can read here.

A teaser single episode version of Jennifer's new show Paint Over! will air at 4:00PM on Thursday, January 1st. A chance to take a break from football! Click on over to HGTV for some of Jennifer's makeover and paint tips. Oh, and on January 8th - Jen squares off against S2 winner Kim Myles on "Design Showdown".

Jen - thanks so much for stopping by and the best of luck with everything!


Anonymous said...

Great interview - I was wondering why there was only a one time show for Jennifer and you answered my questions!


Linda Merrill said...

Hi April,

Thanks for listening! Did you see the show? It was pretty good, although a lot crammed into one hour!

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