Thursday, January 08, 2009

Movie Set Decor: "The Women" and how a headboard has it's closeup!

Last year, I blogged about the move "The Women" that was then filming here in Boston. The set decorators had ordered a custom headboard for the movie from Heller Furniture. Heller is my upholsterer of choice and whom I also do marketing and design consulting for. This remake of the 1939 classic stars Eva Mendes and Meg Ryan reprising the Joan Crawford and Norma Shearer roles, respectively.

It's been a long year waiting to see how this satin, fullsize, headboard would be used. Would Meg Ryan be reclining into it's luxurious softness? Would Eva Mendes be up to no good against it?

Well, we finally got our answer. There was neither real reclining nor frolicking; the headboard is nestled underneath a demi-canopy with draping backdrop. The entire scene is about 20 seconds long and involves Meg Ryan NOT reclining, a little girl and a big dog! So much for the spotlight! No "Oooo - I love your bedroom decor - look at that bed!" Now, would that have been much to ask? Yes? Oh....

Anyway, it was a lovely headboard - very cushy and comfy!

Meanwhile, the movie wasn't all that spectacular, but the sets are pretty, so stay tuned for a post to come on ::Silver Screen Surroundings:: on the entire movie.

Production Designe: Jane Musky
Art Direction: Mario Ventenilla
Set Decoration: Debbie Cutler and Mimi Watstein

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Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

That's fun! I haven't seen this movie yet but am looking forward to your post about the rest of the sets. I liked the original version but haven't seen it for years.

Linda Merrill said...

Hi Julia - Actually, I have stills from both the recent version and the original. I'm busy photoshopping and editing the images (I have 61 in total!) to get the best ones!

Willow Decor: said...

Hi Linda,
They filmed a scence on a beach with a lighthouse. That beach is the beach my summer home is on - Do you happen to have any of stills of that?

Anonymous said...

Hope questions rather than comments are allowed. In Meg Ryan's movie home there is a side table --asian, looks bamboo. Can you tell me who made that piece and can it be purchased?

Thank you.

Jacqueline C. King

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