Monday, March 30, 2009

Architectural Digest 2009 Trend Report

Contributed by Lori Dolnick

I attended the Architectural Digest Home Show on Trade Day, Thursday March 26. There was great attendance and very interested designers roaming with and without clients in tow. It was a promise of a spring thaw in the economy, as was the rain that pelted those brave enough to come out in the weather.

A few impressions on what was around the show…

It’s New York City, so minimalism isn’t anything new, but there seems to be a reserved, unornamented quality about a lot of the designs being shown. As if to say, “I appreciate beautiful things… really… I’m not showing off.” Avoiding the ostentatious, for the green, the beautiful or the natural.

- Reclaimed elements coming through in design. Reclaimed floors from industrial buildings, doors, hardware, rod iron.

- Pure design – low VOCs – more organic – safe.

- Worldly possessions – artists and artisans from around the world mingling design forms.

- Tables, decorative elements, chairs – all in nature’s shapes or using natural elements. Trees, gourds, branches.

I also noted more than the usual bedroom designs being displayed. Is the bedroom the next chic area after the kitchen makeover? Is it a sanctuary from today’s stresses? Or is it the one inner sanctum we can freely express and decorate without prying or judging eyes? “You spent what?” It’s not like all your guests get to see your bedroom. It’s a safe place.

Pure Kitchen in Brooklyn offered green, LEED-qualifying kitchens. Made locally, low-VOC finishes. Minimal look, Minimal footprint.

TOJ Gallery, Annapolis, MD featured beautiful Japanese wood block prints.

Lorna Lee John Muller Designs shows furnishings using natural forms.

Bennett Bean Studio rugs are designed in New Jersey and crafted in Nepal.

Suzanne Lovell Inc.’s “Portrait of a Lady” is a private sanctuary of couture living.

Contributed by Lori Dolnick.

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Thanks for being our eyes and ears in New York, Lori!

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