Sunday, May 17, 2009

An awkward space turned gorgeous!

The 2009 San Francisco Decorator Showhouse is currently going on and one of the decorators - Stephanie Marsh Fillbrandt of Marsh and Clark - was tasked with decorating this long and narrow bathroom. We're always saying that a small powder room is a great place to experiment and go wild. However, it's clear that this unusual space required a delicate hand - as the proportions could render the space either tomb like, or worse, a carnival fun house. Stephanie has instead managed to create a gorgeous, serene space that is filled with life and visual interest.

Marsh & Clark Machiche Vanity Detail

Vanity – The cantilevered vanity subtly suggests the trabeated forms of Ancient Greek post and lintel architecture. Hand hewn by a local craftsman, the custom vanity is made from FSC-certified, sustainably-harvested machiche hardwood.

Marsh & Clark Mosaic Detail i Marsh & Clark Mosaic Detail ii

Mosaic - Using a combination of modern and ancient techniques, each piece was hand cut and set by local mosaicists. The distinctive composition of white Thassos marble, reclaimed French and Yucatan Ticul limestone cleverly forms an arabesque design, which unfurls gracefully, as it leads the eye up pale blue Venetian Plaster walls, subtly emphasizing the vertical expansiveness of the room.

Marsh & Clark Stained Glass Window Detail ii

Stained-Glass Window - A local craftsman used hand-blown glass to create a stunning portrait window. The window marries classic stained-glass fabrication techniques with a modern design. The graceful curves of window’s design echo the curvilinear form of the floor’s mosaic. Afternoon sunlight refracts through the window bevels, casting a spray of rainbows across the room’s pale-blue Venetian plaster walls.

This design shows just how spectacular a small and potentially awkward space can be. The soft curvaceous lines draw the eye into the room, from the mosaic pattern on the floor, to the mirror over the sink and on up to the stained glass window. The sleek vanity creates a striking counterpoint to the soft blue plastered walls. The cantilevered vanity is a fantastic solution to keeping the space as light and proportionate as possible. Had the vanity been a standard to the floor model, the room would have felt all the more narrow. Smart!


Visit the San Francisco Decorator Showhouse site here. The tour ends on May 25th.

Thanks so much to Stephanie Marsh Fillbrandt for sharing this great space.


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Wow! This is really gorgeous. I'm impressed. If someone gave me that powder room to decorate, I think I would've panicked!

My Notting Hill said...

Wow - she did an amazing jog with that space. Love the wall hung vanity.

Cote de Texas said...

Beautiful - the use of the pattern on the floor really plays with the eye and brings it towards the back of the long room, really well done in a smart way.

spearmint baby said...

love this! absolutely gorgeous!!

Tricia Mitchell said...

That bathroom is amazing. I am truly impressed with what was done in such a small, narrow space. Truly impressive!

Tricia -Avolli

beachbungalow8 said...

wow that's impressive. What a great approach to such a narrow space. the design elements create a nice sense of non-linear movement.impressive!

Lisa said...

I had to come back to see this again....because I dreamt about it last night...see what an impression Surroundings has made. I had to look at the tile work again...just beautiful...honestly though i would scoot in & out pretty fast...i'm just a tad claustrophobic.
Thanks though for always bringing great design & designers to my attention.
Go Roundtable Girls Go!

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