Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gorgeousness in White

Debby Krim

As an experiened artist, Debby has been fascinated by the use of media to capture feeling and the world around us. Fine art photography has been a passion since high school when she purchased her first SLR camera. She has specialized in capturing the wonders and details in nature using the media to deliver images that focus on individual beauty to creating a complete experience of a time or place. She spent a few summers studying at Rhode Island School of Design before heading off to Boston University in 1976, and ultimately moved on to the School of Education.

The road to becoming a full-time fine arts photographer had detours between her first SLR in high school and her first show in 2003 The success of this first show provided a launching pad for her focus on fine arts photography as her primary artistic media. She was accepted at the more competitive juried shows including Providence Fine Furnishing, Paradise City Arts and DeCordova Arts in the Park.

Her work is currently on exhibit at Diana Levine Fine Art and can be seen in the movie The Proposal starring Sandra Bullock.

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