Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Skirted Roundtable - Fabrics we love, and tech stuff too

The Skirted Roundtable is in a beachy mood this week. Joni is at the beach on vacay, but her MiFi keeps her connected, Megan just has to roll out her door to be at the beach and I seem to manage to avoid the whole beach thing, even though the big ol' Atlantic is lapping at the edge of my town. But I still have the beachy slows, none the less. So, we recorded on Monday, I didn't do my editing magic till Thursday and we're all a bit slow promoting it. Oh well - it's summer, have a G&T and relax!

Anyway, this week we talked about fabrics we love and also about technical aspects of getting our wit and wisdom and photos up into our own little slices of the World Wide Web.

I mentioned a piece of fabric that I'd purchased in Paris a few years ago. This is it - a marriage of silk, organdy and hemp woven through. I thought I'd be able to use it somewhere for a client, but haven't managed to just yet. And blue is so not my color, so I can't use it. I believe there are 7 yards at double width (108"). Or possibly 7 meters - that metric conversion thing kills moi. It would make a killer treatment for a pair of French doors. Soft and floaty. I think it would make a fantastic duvet cover as well. Anyway, it's for sale if anyone is interested. I'd be happy to send a cutting. Just let me know. I just looked it up and I paid a little north of $300 for the piece. Quel dommage.

Anyway - head on over to The Skirted Roundtable to hear more abour out favorite fabrics!

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