Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This 'n that

I was interviewed for a story about working with an interior designer that appeared on The New York Times online. Thanks to Camilla McLaughlin spoke with me, Susanna Salk and others about the process of working with an interior designer and what we bring to the process of designing one's own home. Specifically, my virtual decorating service was profiled. Click here to read the entire story.  Fun!

Sad news came today that Hachette Filipacchi announced the closing of METROPOLITAN  HOME magazine. The December issue will be its last. Sadness. Ironic given the line on the cover "Comfort & Joy". Sadly, Editor-in-Chief Donna Warner and her staff will be let go. According to the press release, they will be putting all their juice into Elle Decor.  We interviewed Margaret just last week on The Skirted Roundtable and spoke with her specifically about how her thoughts on the continued success of ELLE DECOR. Very interesting. You can listen hear.  My thoughts go out to Met Home's editor-in-chief if twenty-six years Donna Warner and her staff. The streets seem paved with displaced shelter mag workers these days. 

 On the kitchen front, I have the first coat of paint on the cabinet fronts (Ben Moore's Essex Green) and ceiling (F&B's Cooking Apple Green on the ceiling and inside the cabinets - it's fantastic!!). The second coat on the cabinet fronts will be Ben Moore's Black Forest Green, with a little antiquing thrown in. The cabinet doors are all finished (yay!!) and I'm just waiting for the new knobs I've ordered to come in. Very excited to show you those!  )In case you're wondering, the soffit above the cabinets is going to be finished to match the rest of the walls in the kitchen.) The photo above shows the spaghetti dinner I cooked for Rob (my volunteer staffer is back on the job!) and I - while the paint was still wet!! Nothing like boiling water right underneath the wet paint!!

Speaking of cooking, this space is going to look a lot better with these babies:

And finally, Grayson Handy, whose book FLOWERS FOR THE HOME I reviewed yesterday shared with me a couple of additioal pics of his dachsund Romeo, whom I've developed a huge crush on. So, I thought I'd share the cuteness. Photos by Ellen Silverman.

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Susan Serra said...

Linda, you're in the Times, you have arrived! Although we always knew you were here! That's really fantastic news. The green looks amazing. It's like doing our clients' interiors...now the fun starts when everything is starting to get into place, and you've earned that good feeling with your hard work!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

TheSRT interview was so timely...and good! Sad about the shelter mags all dropping like flies.

Your kitchen is coming along.And nothin like showing your true spit... Cooking AND painting in the same sqaure fooT!

Erik Perez said...

The piece on the times is amazing... congratulations for it and for the highly creative concept of virtual decorating... I'm sure you are a pioneer on a trend that will quickly catch on!

Karena said...

Linda, How cool, you are doing the work beautifully. I love listening to the Skirted Round table!!

Anonymous said...

Your kithcen is coming along nicely....LOVE the color and your new stove....

How cute is Romeo ????

So sad about the magazines....

All the best,
Kathy :)

ps read u often don't comment too much :)

Linda Merrill said...

Thanks everyone!

And Kathy - thanks for reading and commenting!

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