Saturday, February 20, 2010

Paneled walls - inspiration for a client project

I've been working on a design plan for some clients. Their dining room is small - approximately 13'x11'x7'6"h. A small room can be quite intimate, which can make for a lovely dining experience and I'm looking to really play this up. Since we're looking to accommodate seating for eight, there is no room for additional furniture, aside from the table and chairs. They have two things going for them. There is a deep bay window that's too high for a window seat which will work well as a sidebar when necessary and a built-in china cabinet wall right off the dining room in the kitchen.

The room needs some additional architectural interest since there is little room for decorative detail and I am planning applied moldings over the chair rail to create the feel of paneled walls. The moldings will likely be the same color as the wall, but will just add some oomph and structure and provide a place for smaller hung art and sconces. Here's a round-up of some inspiration images I've been scouting.

(I've lost the sources for the above two images, if anyone knows, please let me know)

Bunny Williams design for the Edith Wharton House - my pic taken 2009



These images are so pretty they make me want to weep -  via Trouvais

 via Diane James 

Carter and Co. design via Michael J. Lee  

Bunny Williams dining room via Diane James

Larry Laslo design via Architect Design  

Timothy Corrigan design via Decorati

Timothy Corrigan design via Decorati

Mary Drysdale design via Decorati

And here are my design ideas of two walls.

With thanks to Carol Ann for her suggestion, I changed the design for the moldings on the elevation above and it's so much better I think (see below). Thanks Carol Ann!


The chairs are the Restoration Hardware Martine chairs, but they've sadly changed out the original elegantly finished legs for these rough hewn oakey ones, which has rendered these chairs neither here nor there design wise, in my opinion. So, chairs are still be decided upon, but they give an idea about the direction we're headed in. 


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Karena said...

Wow Linda, beautiful examples.I adore the yellow dining via Decor Pad. Gorgeous!

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...


It's going to be beautiful. Could you have a simple painted finish done on the legs of chairs? I'm sure you've thought of that and I also think Artistic Frame has a similar chair style. Can't wait to see it when you've finished the job. Hope you are having a great weekend. Doing my "Week of Pink" this week, somehow, someway I'm working it in.

Annie@A View On Design said...

thanks for that post, what a bunch of great ideas (although the plates on the wall might send me over the edge!!) lol

Acanthus and Acorn said...

Ballard Designs has the Gentry chair with the same profile at a similar price, plus you can do it COM. The added benefit(to me)is the ring pull detail on the back! It would give another element of interest, depending on your fabric choice, to the room. What is the ceilng height? Any possibility for a medallian? Love all your ideas and selections for the space!

Carol Ann said...

Thoughts, on your 2nd elevation the distance from panel to panel should be closer...3" away from each other I am thinking.
I just checked if you have a norwalk near your (wish we still did) you can find the Sienna Chair, pick your fabric and leg finish and receive the chairs in 30 days...
They are a wonderful company, check them out...

Linda Merrill said...

Thanks everyone! Rebecca - do you know (or does anyone) the quality of the Ballard chair? I've looked at it, but have never seen any Ballard furniture up close and don't know if it's furniture that will last for years. Anyone?

Carol Ann - thinks for the tip about Norwalk! Their Margo chair is quite similar, although the chair seat is big - 25", which may be too big. We're trying to squeeze up to 8 in the space. But, I'll check out Norwalk- they are sold in a local store. As for the panels, would you suggest I make them all bigger to have less seperation, or add one more? I'm not sure I like the idea of 4, but will sketch it out. Thanks!

Carol Ann said...

I think that working in 3, 5, 7's... is better
so I would try a scale elevation with 5 and see how it looks... said...

The Restoration and Ballard chairs were both knock offs of the Thomas Pheasant dining chair from Baker, it's is still in production, is wonderfully scaled (both of the knock offs missed the mark in terms of scale) and is available in COM as well as custom finishes...and Gwen is correct, Artistic Frame does make a chair similar however I think it will be more costly than Baker. Both Baker and Artistic Frame are beautifully made, you can't go wrong. Btw, I love paneled walls which are painted the same color as the wall, very chic;)

Linda Merrill said...

Carol Ann - thanks for the ideas about the moldings, works so much better!

Jaime - thanks! and yes, the Baker chairs are gorgeous, but they are 3 times the price of RH. They are under consideration based on other design decisions. I have a post coming comparing the different versions of this chair.

lyndsay said...

I just found your blog and LOVE it! Love all the pics you post and your great ideas. I am painting my kitchen cabinets green and love what you did with your kitchen! The beadboard backsplash looks amazing.


Acanthus and Acorn said...

I don't know the quality of that particular chair and hope someone can provide additional info. because it is one I would also love to use at some point for a project. I have ordered from Ballard on and off over the years and with careful examination of the catalogue, web and questions to their 800#, and have been satisfied that what I have received is what they represent. Thanks for stopping by too! :)

Greet said...

You did a good job! Your inspiration pictures are good as well as your own ideas.
For further inspiration I could suggest you to go to see the website of Orac Decor. I work a lot with their mouldings! To me they are the most beautiful ones! I did a post about Orac a few weeks ago.
You will find a dealer in your neighbourhood I think!

Francine Gardner said...

I just used the Artistic frame chairs on a project with . They came out beautiful and extremely comfortable. You can also choose finish, nailheads or not and your com. I will not shop from such catalog as they have no creativity and only knock off (my furniture and lighting has alas made its way into such catalogs) . I agree with you that in a small room with very little space, paneling will add sophistication and depth. Great visual presentation.

Boxwood Terrace said...

Your ideas are great! It will be so fun to see the finished project. The moldings look so elegant. Now you've got me thinking about a very long, blank wall in my living room, but installing molding is way beyond my DIY skills, plus I'd have to do the entire room and adjoining dining area....! I'll live vicariously through your project instead.

Developing Designs said...

Great inspirations! Love them all, especially the detail in the Diane James space. Love the way the crown molding wraps up onto the ceiling. I have been debating whether to add a soft wallpaper or fabric in panels or a soft texture faux paint treatment similar to the Trouvais photos but softer in color, below the chair rail for a client. Can't wait to see how this project turns out, keep us posted.
Chairs similar to those are being knocked off my many, you should certainly be able to find something, especially with all the good tips so far. I like the flexibility of custom designs with TCS Designs (not online though) & Michael Thomas. C&B have a few nice chairs as well, though maybe not nearly close enough to what you might want. xo

LindsB said...

What a beautiful room! I love Carol Ann's suggestion, I think the wall looks better like you have it in the last set up. I also think the pedestal table is a great choice in a room with not alot of space- taking away the legs will open the room up more. Love this!

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