Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Skirted Roundtable with interior designer Tobi Fairley

This week at The Skirted Roundtable, Megan, Joni and I welcomed interior designer Tobi Fairley. If her name isn't familiar, then perhaps this cover shoot is:

In the March 2010 issue of House Beautiful, Tobi describes her work as "Dramatic. Classic. Organized".

I'd agree .

So, please tune in and learn more about this amazing designer. Plus, you'll find out what Megan wants to lick. 

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Karena said...

Linda, I can't wait to listen later today. I adore Tobi and her design work.It has been quite a weekend with Eddie & Jaithan in town and Mrs. B, myself, and other friends attending his workshop at Creative Candles.

Art by Karena

Michelle said...

Great job Linda! Tobi is amazing...and just doesn't stop. We had the pleasure of meeting her and her husband last year, and she is just as sweet as she sounds...but at the same time, a powerhouse. A great mix.


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