Thursday, September 09, 2010

A month of downs and ups

Unfortunately, posting has been very sporadic the past couple of weeks. If you're friends with me on Facebook (and please be!) you will have seen my posts about the non-stop problems at my condo. First, I had a water main break - one month ago today. During the time I was gathering estimates for excavation, I had an electrical short in the wiring outside the unit. The electric company came and said I needed to call an electrician asap because it was a fire hazard. Oy. In addition to all this, my old and outdated oil tank needed to be removed (and a new one purchased) before the excavators will start digging.

Yes, this rusting beast is was my oil tank, which was finally removed on Tuesday. The electrical work was done yesterday, made much easier because the tank was out of the way. Next week (hopefully) the excavation company will come to dig up my foundation to find and fix the break. Please say a prayer that the break is easy to fix and hasn't caused foundation damage! For a month, I've been living with water coming from a neighbors unit via garden hose (seriously, we connected a hose from his spigot to my spigot, turned off my main water inlet and voila, running water. Hose water, but it works). I've also had to be sparing with the electrical until that could be fixed (which was delayed by Hurricane Earl last week) which means no hair dryer, air conditioning, oven, etc.

So, after a month of dealing with all those problems,  contractors and insurance people coming and going, I am truly thrilled and thankful to be writing this post from my lovely hotel room at the 70 Park Avenue Hotel in NY courtesy of Brizo, the high end faucet company.  I featured two of their products in an article in my Fall 2010 issue of my mag::E::zine [although note that the product feature happened before the invitation to this event!].

Brizo hosts groups of designers, architects, writers and bloggers at Fashion Week for a series of events, including the Jason Wu fashion show and a cocktail party at the Showtime House.   Shortly, I am off to a meet and greet, an educational seminar on the use of their products and then a dinner at Barbés restaurant, which features Moroccan food.

However, given the month I've had, this is looking pretty good...

More to come. Not sure I can take pics of the fashion show, but we'll see!  For a great post on the 70 Park Avenue Hotel, check out The Decorating Diva.

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Boxwood Terrace said...

Hi Linda - Sorry to hear about your condo issues. In the past year (plus), I've dealt with racoons, skunks, and a roof issue so I sympathsize with you and hope everything goes smoothly for you from here. Enjoy your stay in New York--sounds like a great time and that's a nice looking hotel room you've got there. P.S. Loved the latest issue too of your e-magazine!

Olive Cooper said...

Well bless your heart. That is a lot of house worries at one time. Will pray for no foundation problems. hugs♥olive

Tina Steele Lindsey said...

I am dreadfully sorry to read about all your household problems, my hope everything will be remedied in short order and life to resume to normal one day soon. Until then know you have much sympathy your way, and enjoy your time in your temporary digs.

diane@onlinefabricstore said...

As the song says. "you deserve a break today" so enjoy your comped stay in NYC. Maybe you will return to a completed house!

Karena said...

Linda it is always something!! So glad you are whisked away to a wonderful series of (now) fortunate events!

I have a New Giveaway from The French Basketeer I think you will love!

Art by Karena

Brillante Home Decor said...

I am sure all your house's troubles will be a memory soon, in the meantime enjoy New York.

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear about your electrical and other problems, what a hassle. But, now that you are ensconced in a NY hotel, it must feel great! congrats and have a wonderful time with Brizo!!

Gina said...

Dear Linda, Yikes! That old oil tank looks dangerous. Hope that soon all your woes are behind you and you can enjoy your new/old digs to the fullest. Courage!

Anonymous said...

Linda, wow what a month. I am so sorry to see you go through this. Home ownership comes not only with its joys, but its share of problems as well. This must be wrecking havoc on your work schedule as well. Enjoy NYC and get some fun back into your life. I hope it will all be back to normal soon.

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