Wednesday, March 16, 2011

::Surroundings:: Guide to Decorative Living - Issue #5

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vicki archer said...

Congratulations Linda...another lovely issue....xv

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Great issue. The cover looks amazing!

yvonne@designvignettes said...

Love what you did with color in this issue! Beautiful cover shot by Michael (great teamwork!)

Brillante Interiors said...

I read it all, from cover to cover. Fresh, interesting, entertaining, I really don't know how you can keep up with your business, different blogs, the magazine...not to mention your private life. Congratulations.

Annette said...

Love the cover design and color combination. Felt completely energized just by looking at Catherine Nolin's artwork. Look forward to seeing the next cover, and your magazine's length is just right!

Karena said...

Oh and thank you so much for featuring my friend Catherine Nolins art!! It is so great!

Art by Karena

Jennifer, Decorum said...

Beautiful Linda. I am in awe of your publication. It must take you hours, not just in the collating and writing but the thinking and dreaming that goes into work like this. I write a small article for a shopping centre magazine and know it's the "what will I write and how will I say it?" that is the hardest part. Congratulations on another wonderful issue of Surroundings - Guide To Decorative Living.

Jennifer xx

diane said...

Another beautiful issue Linda. I love Ms.Nolin's artwork...I wish I was that talented. I just began a mother nature series on our blog as well so wanted to let you know there was no "copying" involved. I am sure mother nature has enough to offer all of us.

I enjoyed it...thanks again.


Linda Merrill said...

Thank you so much everyone!

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