Thursday, April 28, 2011

Here comes the bride: The Goring Hotel, or Kate slept here

As we all know, the wedding of the decade takes place tomorrow (sorry, Las Vegas, it's not Steve Winn's nuptials that are also taking place this weekend). As royal wedding watchers in England have been camping out in the streets in front of Westminster Abbey, and as we in the rest of the world are debating what time we will be waking up to watch the festivities on television, bride-to-be Kate Middleton and her family are taking up residence at the 100 year old, family owned,  Goring Hotel, along with members of various European royal families.
The Goring Hotel is situated conveniently near Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace.

A beautiful black, cream and white lobby welcomes visitors, along with a bronze statue of the hotel's founder.

Kate slept here? 

The Splendid Silk Rooms

This room features reddish/orange silk wallcoverings and white furnishings. Very bridal.  This room was newly refurbished in 2009 and is one of six rooms done in this fashion.

This decidedly masculine suite features midnight blue silk wallcoverings and rust velvet pillows and upholstery.

This suite, part of a group called the Belgravia Suites, was designed by Nina Campbell

A Junior Suite

If you were Kate, which room would be your pick?

Here comes the bride!

The official program book of the wedding is available for download here:

On a serious note, my thoughts and prayers go out to all those across the South who have been affected by the devastating series of tornadoes that have caused so much damage and loss of life. Please know that your friends across the country are waiting to do what we can to help.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

High Point Market Report #3: Visiting Sligh Furniture

The second stop on my blogger's tour of High Point was Sligh, which specializes in home office and entertainment furniture. While possibly not as exciting as the perfectly dressed canopy bed or kicky little ottoman, we still want these work-a-day furnishings to be stylish as well as functional. Sligh has done a great job of both.

The Bungalow desk with return

Tahoe Bookcase in white. Sligh offers a wide range of color and finish options, including this two-toned look.

I really liked this little writing desk. Modern and slim lined, it would fit in so many different design plans. I could also see it working as a sweet little vanity as well.

The room of a 1000 cranes was an origami wonderland. Each of the colorful cranes offered a wish for the taking.

The StrongArm® positionable television bracket holds up to 200 pounds of television safely and securely. From the front, the television appears to float over the console.

This sleek little Micro desk is counter height and would be perfect for a home office in a small space. It could also double as a great little bar.

The folks at Sligh have really though of everything when it comes to combining technology with fine furnishings. Media consoles feature Smart Eye technology with directs the clicker beam into the case so door fronts can be solid woods to the virtually silent Smart Fan that cycles on and off to keep components cool.

I'd like to thank the nice folks at Sligh and president Rob Sligh, for their Southern hospitality!

If you would like my help on your design project, I would love to chat with you! Please email me. Thanks!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Skirted Roundtable: Joe Ruggiero chat about his amazing career

This week at The Skirted Roundtable, Megan, Joni and I chatted with the amazing Joe Ruggiero. Joe has literally done it all - television personality, product designer, product spokesman, interior designer, magazine editor-in-chief, marketing guru and he has a book. Seriously. The passion he has for the design industry, his ability to jump on opportunities and his upbeat outlook are infectious and I think you'll be as inspired as we were.

I'd also like to congratulate Joe as he's being honored with the IFDA (International Furnishings & Design Association) 2011 Trailblazer Award in September. As a longtime IFDA member myself, I'm honored to be involved with the same great design industry association as Joe!

If you would like my help on your design project, I would love to chat with you! Please email me. Thanks!

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Monday, April 18, 2011

High Point Market Report #2: Visiting Hickory Chair

There's no question that one of the highlights of the blogger's trip to High Point Market was the chance to visit the Hickory Chair showroom. We were met at the showroom by Laura Holland, Hickory Chair's passionate director of marketing services. Laura has been with HC for many years and her depth of knowledge and belief in the brand were palpable and exciting to listen to.

This is the original Hickory Chair - the Surry Side Chair in Ebony finish. Wool suiting fabric with nailhead trim is just so fresh and modern. This was one of my biggest take-a-ways from the visit - how truly modern this revered old brand - celebrating its 100th anniversary - is. There is also a beautiful selection of finish options available for a customized look - delivered within a few short weeks.

And the Curved Front chest in mahogany

The Artisan Twin poster bed was a big hit. Would love two in a breezy, airy guest room!

Hickory Chair known for its wonderful collaboration with designers and we were treated to a delicious lunch and the company of some of their most celebrated celebrity partnerships: Suzanne Kasler, Alexa Hampton, Thomas O'Brien, Kate Hable and Mariette Himes Gomez.

After lunch, we visited the mini-showrooms of the designers. Our first stop was Suzanne Kasler's space. Unfortunately, my group had to run before we could hear Suzanne talk directly about her designs, which was sad. Click here to view the entire collection.

Our next space was by Mariette Himes Gomez. I'll admit to not being as familiar with her as I should be and was really happy to learn more about her. Click here to view the entire collection here:

How fantastic is this book jacket?? 

(sorry for the out of focus pic!)

Next was the irrepressible Alexa Hampton, who shared the evolution of her furniture line, which she believes has developed a more loft-living style than she originally planned. Click here to view the entire collection.

Unfortunately, my group had to run off to our next stop on the tour and missed out seeing Thomas O'Brien's space.  Click here to view his entire collection.

Hickory Chair is clearly a company that is all about customer service and helping their client's achieve the perfect look. Their broad range of finishes and styles, while rooted in a very traditional foundation, is modern, approachable, and comfortable.  They've even created a COH (Customer's Own Hardware) program so that if you have a set of vintage knobs that you want used on an HC cabinet, they can do it for you. And, in this rush rush time we live in, their turn-around is a remarkable 2 to 3 weeks.

I have a 40 year old HC Hepplewhite love seat that my parents purchased along with a classic camel back sofa in a cut velvet. I've had the love seat recovered once, but the camel back sofa is still as it came in the early 1970's and is still sitting in my mother's living room. Both pieces are structurally in perfect condition and still very comfortable. The cut velvet sofa has developed a fantastic patina over the years that couldn't be duplicated. Beautiful classic pieces, built to last for generations.

All photos by Linda Merrill.

If you would like my help on your design project, I would love to chat with you! Please email me. Thanks!

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