Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This 'n That - Doggie Edition!

Well, so far my New Year's Resolution to blog more hasn't been very successful! But, I did want to introduce you all to my new little furry friend RoyRoy Merrill!

RoyRoy came to stay with me last Thursday. He's a two year old short-haired red dachshund and very sweet. But since he doesn't know why he left one home to come live with me, he's experiencing some major separation anxiety, which means he's turned in the Velcro Puppy, never wanting to be left alone. So, we're both on a major learning curve.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share a recent article on Williams-Sonoma Designer Marketplace that has been very popular. If you're a designer, I'd love your thoughts and if you're a consumer, I'd love yours too!

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