Thursday, June 26, 2014

Product Review: Simply Spotless Cleaning Products

Interior designer Meryl Santopietro and her daughters Joy and Alessandra have developed a line of cleaning products for interiors that are all natural and made in the USA. The Simply Spotless line includes cleaners for Wood, Fabric, Glass & Surface and Hand. A couple of months ago, they sent me a box of full size products to try out.  The packaging is very simple, not over designed and though the bottles are plastic, they are nice enough to leave out if necessary. The products contain not harsh chemicals and have a very subtle scent that dissipates quickly.

I haven't had a chance to use the Fabric cleaner yet, but have used the other three products extensively. The Hand soap is very nice and I keep it in the kitchen. My hands feel clean, but never dry. I have sensitive skin and am prone to contact dermatitis with certain products, so the soap is a big winner for me.  Plus, unlike a lot of pump bottle soap dispensers, the soap hasn't gunked up the nozzle at all. The Glass & Surface cleaner works really well for light cleaning of stainless and glass top appliances, tile countertops,  and leaves a sparkling non-streaky shine while disinfecting the surface. It's not as effective, however, for truly greasy cleanups - like after you cook hamburgers and the spatter is all over the stove top. But for quick sparkle, it's a nice, non-toxic product to use on a regular basis, keeping the harsher things for big cleanups only. Similarly, the Wood Cleaner is great for picking up dust without adding waxes or harsh chemicals, but I tried it on an old wood piece that is probably a little grimy and there was no sign on the cloth of any real dirt cleaned off. So, as with the Glass & Surface cleaner, it's a good product for regular use and then for deep cleaning, something else may be needed.

The products retail from between $14-$18 for a 16 oz. bottle and the set of four is $49.

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