Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Travel Tuesday - Paris

The world is filled with some beautiful - and unique - hotels. Get your (virtual) passport ready as we head out to my favorite city - Paris!

Hotel du Petit Moulin
29/31 rue du Poitou, 75003 PARIS
Tél : 33(0)1 42 74 10 10
Fax : 33(0)1 42 74 10 97

Christian Lacroix is the name behind the interior design of this new 4* hotel lying in the heart of Le Marais, the historic area of Paris.

(edited to add) Check out this article in Interior Design Magazine for a feature article and more photos on this fabulous boutique hotel. Link courtesy of fellow blogger Ms. Place. Thanks!

Hotel Crillon
10, Place de la Concorde
75008 Paris

HOTEL THERESE - 5/7, rue Thérèse - 75001 Paris

From traditional Parisian style to contemporary masterpieces - these hotels capture the romantic nature of the City of Lights.

Top Design - Emerging Portfolios - Signature Styles and the controversial "Voice"

Since TD is taking a week off, I thought it would be an interesting time to take a look at each of the remaining designers' work through the first four episodes.

Do we see any trends or signature styles coming through? Who works better on their own and who seems to benefit from working with a team? This isn't about wins or losses, or lamenting who has been "latered" and who is still here. All the designers have worked very hard and deserve kudos for their labors. It can't be easy being on the first season of any reality show, but I think the work has often been the most honest because of it.

Beyond the challenges, gimmicks and personality, there is the work.

Take a look at each grouping as if you're looking at the work with a fresh eye. Who would you hire? Anyone? Take the poll at the bottom. Comments are welcome!

Click here for my detailed analysis of Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3 or Episode 4.


Episode 1: Andrea and Ryan

Episode 2: Andrea
Episode 3: Team Tahiti: Andrea and Michael (and Felicia)
Episode 4: Andrea


Episode 1: Carisa and Erik
Episode 2: Carisa
Episode 3: Team St. Tropez: Carisa and Goil and Ryan
Episode 4: Carisa


Episode 1: Erik and Carisa
Episode 2: Erik
Episode 3: Team Miami: Erik and Matt (and Elizabeth)
Episode 4: Erik

Episode 1: Goil (and Elizabeth)

Episode 2: Goil
Episode 3: Team St. Tropez: Goil and Carisa and Ryan
Episode 4: Goil

Episode 1: Matt (and Felicia)
Episode 2: Matt
Episode 3: Team Miami: Matt and Erik (and Elizabeth)
Episode 4: Matt

Episode 1: Michael (and John)
Episode 2: Michael
Episode 3: Team Tahiti: Michael and Andrea (and Felicia)
Episode 4: Michael

Episode 1: Ryan and Andrea

Episode 2: Ryan
Episode 3: Team St. Tropez: Goil and Carisa and Ryan
Episode 4: Ryan

Who would you hire?
None of the above
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The Tuffet Company - Little Miss Muffet gets more than a tuffet

I ran across The Tuffet Company's website when looking at vendors showing at the upcoming Archtectural Digest Home Show. I was wowed by their vibrant colorways, fun and festive patterns and products and stunning photography.

The Tuffet Company, based in Bridgehampton, NY, will provide the fourteen individual eye-catching vignettes that surround the Design Show’s lounge. Select participating fabric houses will use the vignettes to display their latest lines of indoor/outdoor fabrics and trims. Each vignette consists of an outdoor umbrella, set of throw pillows, blanket, tote bag, and–of course, the company's namesake and signature item: a colorful and comfortable tuffet.

In addition to their great ready made product line, The Tuffet Company offers the option to their customers to design their own pillows, blankets, umbrellas, placemats, tablecloths, tennis racket covers and beach & tote bags as well as tuffets. The Tuffet Company can fabricate any custom item such as seat cushions, slipcovers, upholstered furniture, drapery panels and more.

Owner Romaine Gordon is 'fellow" Massachusetts girl. Her childhood in Nantucket clearly influences her design sense and product display. Good luck at the Architectural Digest Show, Romaine!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Starling Furniture - classic furniture made the old fashioned way

What do you get when you combine an old boat shop with a love of fine historical furniture? John R. Sullivan of Starling Furniture in Braintree, MA knows. It's beautiful period furniture reproductions that rival their historical antecedents.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

::Working Class Studio - products with panache

There an interesting article in today's Boston Globe about Working Class Studio, a course out of the Savannah College of Art & Design, in which students (called interns) not only create products, but also research the marketability of their line. The course, which runs more like a real company, has produced a fabulous line of melamine dishes that's sort of a 50's throwback in contemporary color palettes.

Available through Elsewares.

Get That Look: "Something's Gotta Give" Dining Room

I've finally had time to put together information on the dining room in the movie. I certainly get a lot of requests for it! As with the rest of the house, there is a creamy off white on the walls and with lots of white woodwork and built-ins. Beadboard, as seen behind the plate shelves below, adds to the cottagy feel of the space. The dark stained floor is a beautiful contrast to the light walls and creates a high-end feel to the space. While this is a beach house, it's a very high end and elegant one.

Photos from "Something's Gotta Give". Directed by Nancy Myers; Production Design Jon Hutman; Set Decorating Beth Rubino. c. 2003 Columbia Pictures.

The round dining room table is large - 72" in diameter according to some information I read - and was custom made for the movie, as they needed an identical but smaller table for some shots. The large size indicates a certain formality, as diners are quite far apart, and also probably was used to indicate the Diane Keaton characters "Erica"s relative seclusion from romantic intimacy. In the top photo, the are four arm chairs - indicating equality and maturity all around. The second photo shows the table with six arm chairs and a matching side chair in the corner, indicating there is room for guests.

Here are a couple of large scale round tables that would create the same feeling of elegance:

68" round Regency Dining Table by Baker Furniture

Palladian Round Extension Table by Restoration Hardware

The dining room chairs have a French country quality to them - which speaks to "Erica's" love of France. They have custom made slip covers, which might be removed in winter. Here are two chairs that might fill the bill:

Montego Chair by Pottery Barn

Avignon arm and side chairs with rush seat from Ballard Designs

The slipcover fabric on the chairs looks to be a soft linen similar to this fabric below. It's Laura Ashley's Bonnybrook, available through Kravet Fabrics.

In the right corner of the second photo is an etarge similar to these below:

Tier Table by Baker Furniture

Camp Hickory Etarge by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

The chandelier is very unique and actually quite large for the space. Given that it's a movie set, there are no ceilings to consider. It's also hung very high above the table (recommended chandelier heights are generally 30-36" above table top) probably due to camera and sight line requirments. This restoration chandelier gives the impression of being double tiered, without being quite as tall.

Trenton 8 arm chandelier by Restoration Hardware

The house is lit throughout with simple wall sconces such as this one:

Reese Sconce by Restoration Hardware

On the floor, is a simple tan rug, which feels as if it were floating on the deep stained floor. This sisal from Crate and Barrel captures the right natural feel.

Solid Sisal rug from Potterybarn

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